Shalom everyone! I'm Maya (pronounced May-uh) and I am the lone soul behind Herpothecary! If you’ve ever known anyone who has experienced a debilitating sickness or have overcome a similar situation yourself, you’re familiar with the feelings of tenacity and drive to simply live. Those same feelings are a part of my story and because I am a two-time cancer survivor, I doubly understand the power we have as consumers when purchasing quality products we use every day. 

As a crunchy native of Seattle, it wasn't difficult to find wellness and beauty products that were safe and effective. It was the affordable part that usually sent my budget over the top. It was during this time in 2015 that the wheels began to turn and I thought to myself, "Why don't I just make what I need?”. I then adopted a plant-based diet, began studying as an herbalist and the rest as they say, is history.

With all of that said, Herpothecary was born and is my vision for transparent, effective, self-care and wellness and beauty products that are not only affordable but ones that you can trust have your best interest at heart.

When not whipping up the products you love, I can be found chasing a busy toddler, working a 9-5, and studying as an herbalist with the Herbal Academy.