Her Elixir

Her Elixir

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A beautiful blend of oils and herbs come together to treat your sensitive spot with the utmost care. Her Elixir was designed to help protect the sensitive vaginal area from irritation and to provide balance. All it takes is a few drops daily after the shower or as a personal lubricant (although you may notice a bit more self-lubrication with this blend ;) ). A few droppers full can also be added to your bath water!

 *Please do not use if you are pregnant, think you are, or are planning on becoming pregnant 
**Not to be used with latex condoms

Key Ingredients:

Calendula: Calendula has been used to improve skin firmness and has been found to help speed the recovery of ulcers and hemorrhoids

Rosehip Seed Oil: Chalked full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, this oil is known to have firming and anti-aging properties that hydrate dry, itchy skin

Neem Oil: Traditionally used to treat viral infections, neem oil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and anti-fungal 

Ingredients: Calendula infused coconut oil, *proprietary herbal blend, *rosehip seed oil, neem oil (*organic)  


* The above statements have not been approved by the FDA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.

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