#MCM // Leather + teakwood + bergamot

1st AND PIKE // Colombian blend of cocoa + brown sugar + mocha

62° // Sol de Janeiro bum bum dupe with notes of salted caramel, tonka bean + exotic musk

AMBER NOIR // Opening notes of mandarin & cedar + dark musk + sandalwood

APPLE HONEY // Harvest apples + bubbly champagne

AUGUST // Irresistible opening notes of bergamot + grapefruit paired with subtle hints of oak moss and sandalwood

AURA //  Sparkling lavender martini

BAE // Enticing oakmoss + tonka bean + amber

BAMBOO MINT //  A blend of pear, mint, black pepper, bamboo, black currant, lily, tuberose, sandalwood, musk, and violet

BERRY FAIRY (FORMERLY MISS BEHAVIN) //  Sweet and tart + creamy vanilla + atop raspberry

BIRCHWOOD + OUD // Complex mix of oud + ocean moss + leather + amber

BLACK IRISH // A familiar base of bergamot and citrus atop woody notes

BLACK OUT // Invigorating tea tree + soothing lavender

BLISS// Decadent white chocolate + crisp apple & pear

BLOOM // Soft florals with musk, cherry blossom + a hint of warm vanilla

BLUEBERRY MINT // Sweet & refreshing blueberry collides with mint leaves, peach, and sugared raspberry

BOMBSHELL //  Designer dupe by Victoria Secret. Citrus + crisp apple and sweet berries

BREATHE // Aromatic and sinus clearing eucalyptus + a touch of menthol

CACAO DELUXE // Chocolately cacao + with salted pretzel

CALM // A relaxing/sleep-worthy blend of lavender + lavandin

CALYPSO // Smooth fusion of lime + sweet coconut

CANDIED // Sweet agave nectar + anjou pear + a touch of cactus fruit

CHOCOLATE DIP // Warm brownies + a hint of vanilla

COOLIN' // Cool citrus +  fresh basil

COCOA BUTTER KISSES // Opening notes of chocolate covered strawberries + whipped cream

COCO MANGO // Complex notes of fruity mango & fresh strawberry + toasted coconut & soft vanilla

CURRANTLY // Sweet currants

DAISY // Designer dupe Daisy by Marc Jacobs; flirtatious violet + strawberry, with hints of vanilla and musk

DECADENCE // Coconut + sweet tonka bean + a hint of sandalwood & white freesia

DRIP // Warm tonka bean, honey + tobacco

ELEVATE // Top notes of orange, midnight orchid + leather

FRESH CHANCE // Eucalyptus + spearmint + soft woods & sage

FALL BLOSSOM // Delicious raspberries & plum + powdery lilac & apple

FANCY // Mouthwatering apple + sage + coconut water

FIJI // A BBW dupe featuring a relaxing blend of wild honey + french lavender and hint of sandalwood  

FLING // Top notes of blood orange + pineapple juice mingled with juicy strawberry

FLOWERBOMB // Designer dupe Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf; fresh floral with citrus and vanilla musk

FORBIDDEN // Tart + tangy green apple

FUSION // Fresh air mingled with sweet grapefruit + passion lily

FLUFF// Gooey toasted marshmallow + topped with warm vanilla

FROST // Bold amber + nutmeg + orange zest

GILDED SMOKE // Warm and smoky tobacco mingled with notes of vanilla and bay leaf

GINGERED // Soft ginger + warm amber

GLO UP // Sparkling geranium + litsea

GOOD GIRL // Carolina Herrara type boasting notes of tonka + warm woods + rose

GOOD VIBES // Bursts of citrus + juicy pineapple atop creamy vanilla + sandalwood

HAPPY HOUR // Fresh lime + sweet agave

HER CLEANSE // Unscented

HOMEBODY// Decadent blend of peach nectar, golden cinnamon + cozy fall apple

INDIE // Tantalizing peach, apple + rose with magnolia + light musk

INDULGE // Cinnamon + hot chocolate with vanilla & coffee

INTERLUDE // Sweet and alluring coconut milk paired with tonka bean + musk

ISLAND GYAL // Blend of tropical papaya + ripe peach + hint of sunshine

JUNGLE JUICE// Sweet fruit nectar + tropical notes

EMBERWOOD NOIR // Robust and warm amber + rugged teakwood + well-word leather and smooth sandalwood

KALEIDOSOAP // Sweet mango + juicy pineapple + yuzu

K STREET // Berries + lavender + a touch of vanilla

LAPIS // A custom blend of white jasmine, pineapple + ripe passion melon

LEMONADE HAZE // Vibrant notes of honey + pear topped with ginger zest + lemonade

LEMON CAKE // Buttery lemon cake + fresh mandarin zest

LOVE FROM RIO // Luscious pineapple + zesty tangerine

LUCUMA // Sweet apple + pear with top notes maple syrup & caramel

LUXE // Cashmere + white freesia + pomegranate

LYCHEE KONA POP // Fun lychee + passionfruit + pineapple & sparkling vodka

MAJIC // A soft bouquet of red fruit,  exotic woods + white musk

MALIBU NIGHTS // Tart green apple + sweet honeydew + pear

MANUKA // Lush dupe of "Honey, I Washed the Kids" sweet + fresh

MEDITERRANEAN FIG // Crisp apple & ginger + warm caramel 

ME TIME // Delicate African vanilla draped in sweet musk + floral undertones

MIDNIGHT VANILLA // Warm amber base atop sugary vanilla

MILES AWAY // Sweet musk + sandalwood

MILK ‘N HONEY // Sweet cream + toasted oats

MISS BEHAVIN // Sultry blackberry + vanilla + a hint of sage

MOON CHILD // Grapefruit + white tea + honey + thyme

MORNING SUNRISE // Alluring jasmine, white peach + musk 

NECTAR // Juicy plums + red berry + golden nectar

NECTARINE SPRITZER // Juicy nectarine + cool mint collide for a sweet highlight of fresh citrus and fruit

NEEM & AMLA // Bright spearmint + rosemary

NOIR // Designer dupe of Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche; warm spice + citrus + cedarwood

NOW + LATER // A kick of tangy + sweet candy with strawberry and fruity notes

OHAGI // Reminiscent of the 90's with a touch of lavender, leather accords & sandalwood

ON CLOUD 9 // Ariana Grande type with gourmand spun sugar + pineapple + notes of coconut cream

ORANGESICLE DREAM // A delicious blend of juicy orange + vanilla cream + a hint of pineapple

PARADISE // Tropical fruit + sweet apple + soft vanilla

PDA// Bellaire peach + lychee + soft florals

PEACH SANGRIA // Opening notes of peach and mango paired with red sangria + soft musk

PEACH TEASE// Soothing yet sweet peach nectar paired beautifully with black tea + ginger

PEARFECTION (FORMERLY PEAR HARVEST) // Sweet pear nectar + vanilla + touch of jasmine

PIER 1 // Spicy cinnamon + apricots + warm cloves

PIKE PLACE MARKET // A Fall must have! Crisp cider + fall leaves + juicy peach

POOLSIDE VIBES // Sparkling accords of peach, orange rind atop rhubarb and fresh lime

PUMPKIN CRUNCH // Caramelized sugar, maple, + buttery french vanilla

QUEENIN' // Sultry sandalwood + vanilla with amber & musk

QUEST // Designer dupe of Aqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, an aquatic aroma with bergamot + neroli + tangerine

RASPBERRY LEMONADE // Freshly squeezed lemonade, sweet and juicy raspberries + a hint of lavender 

REIGN // Supreme amber + vanilla + cedar

RICH AUNTIE // Rich cashmere + freesia with a kiss of black plum 

ROSÉ // Candied apple + cashmere musk + coconut & complex amber

SAVAGE LOVE // Sensual musk, reggio bergamot + rose absolute 

SEATTLE SHOWERS // Fresh rain + citrus + sweet fruit

SERENITY // Fresh aloe + green tea + lily

SHALOM // An alluring yet complex blend of mango, sandalwood + grapefruit zest

SILK SHEETS // Unisex blend of cashmere + musk atop fresh cotton and ozone

SNOOZE // A relaxing blend of lavender + cozy chamomile

SOMEBODY'S SON // Top notes of citrus and bergamot atop an alluring base of oakmoss, amber, and lavender

SOUTHERN BELLE //  White florals + peach + guava and ripe mango

SPRING BREEZE // Clean cotton paired with peach, watermelon + aquatic notes

ST. TROPEZ// Peach + sultry cashmere + musk

STRAWBERRY CREME CAKE // Sweet strawberry & rhubarb intertwined with vanilla creme

SUEDE // Mysterious mahogany + cedar + vanilla

SUNNY DAZE // An electric blend of mandarin + lemonade + granny smith apple

SWEATER WEATHER // Cool mint surrounded by ripened fruit on a lovely backdrop of oakmoss and musk.

SWEET THANG // California peaches + sweet mint muddled with bergamot & white musk

SUPERPOWER // Tonka bean, sicilian lemon, and Madagascar vanilla with tangy orange zest

TEQUILA SUNRISE // Juicy Florida tangerines fused with sweet Georgia peaches

THE HEALHER // Unscented

THE TEA // The perfect cozy blend of earl grey + cinnamon sticks + vanilla

THINK PINK //Glistening passionfruit + fresh rose

TRANQUILITY // Sea air paired softly with dried coconut + night jasmine

TRIPLE OG // Unscented

TROPIC // Pineapple, mango, + warm vanilla whisk you away to your favorite tropic isle

VANILLA // Creamy vanilla + soft amber & cassia root

VELVET DURAG/ Unisex scent of jasmine + saffron + ambergris

VIVRANT THING // A flirtatious blend of soft florals, spring breeze + honeysuckle

WARM VIBES // Citrusy Satsuma & orange + cranberry spice

WATERMELON LEMONADE // Sparkling splashes of tart citrus, citron, and a hint of juicy watermelon

WATERMELON TART // Your favorite kid-shaped sour candy + tart mandarin

YUZU SQUEEZE // Sweet and juicy yuzu + bright citron